how to verify email in saksham yojana

 Saksham Yojna is a very good and Profitable Yojna for People. Many Indian People get jobs with the help of this Yojna. This is a very good step by Government to get job people. But Many People get Confusion how to verify email in Saksham Yojana. So in this article, I can clearly Explain Saksham yojana email verification Easily.

Follow this Step to verify the email in Saksham Yojana.

  • how to verify email in saksham yojana
    Manage Account and Verify/Modify e-mail
  • Click On Manage Accountthen Select Verify/Modify e-mail.

how to verify email in saksham yojana
Write Email

  • Write Your E-mail in mail Box and Click in Submit button

Then you get a verification Code on Your Gmail account So open your email and check recent mail So you can a mail from Saksham.

saksham yojana Email Verification

  • Open Mail and copy confirmation code to verify and past it on Saksham Yojna website and click on Submit Button.

saksham yojana Email Verification

  • After Submitting You can Get a green message e-mail Address Verify Successfully.

2. How to Change email in Saksham Yojana?

To change Email/Gmail in Saksham Yojana. It's very easy Simple You Follow this Step to change Your Email in Saksham.

  • Open Saksham Yojana Official Site.
  •  Then Click On Manage Accountand Select Verify/Modify e-mail.

After that, you get a verification Code on Your Email/Gmail account. Open email/Gmail and check mail that you got from Saksham Open It.

change email id in saksham yojana

  • copy confirmation code and past it on Saksham Yojna website and click on Submit Button.
  • When you Submit That Code You can Get a green message e-mail Address Change Successfully.

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