YOUTUBE SEO ALGORITHM UPDATE! | Understanding the YouTube Algorithm


hey, what's up you guys it's ibrar with another Post helping you to turn your youtube channel into success now. if you've been around youtube for the last year year and a half or so you've probably heard me and every other youtube advice channel on the face of youtube talking about tags tags tags and just how important tagging your videos is to rank your videos in search and getting more views however in 2021.


youtube has almost completely changed the entire algorithm for ranking and search because people were totally abusing the whole video tagging system to try to cheat the system which obviously youtube does not like so now as far as ranking and search goes using video tags plays less than about one to two percent of a role in ranking your videos and there's actually a whole new process.

behind it which is what I'm going to be walking you guys through in this post today to help you guys have a much better understanding of just how the algorithm does work to help you rank your videos in search and get more views so if you are not already aware of what SEO and search rankings are SEO stands for search engine optimization which is essentially just setting up your video to rank and search and have its best possible chance of ranking in search.

so that if anybody searches up anything on youtube and you have a video that is related to that topic your video has a chance to rank and search for that keyword to get views from people searching up those things on youtube so how do you go about ranking your videos in search on youtube in 2021 by firstly optimizing your video correctly and number two through high video performance.

video does rank in search.

so against what a lot of people do tend to believe your subscriber count and the number of views you get on your video plays absolutely no part in how high or low you rank in search which is why if you search for absolutely anything on youtube you can very very often see the video with less than a thousand views ranking far above video with even a million views because while subscriber counts and view counts absolutely no part in where your video does rank in search.

 the two most important metrics when it comes to ranking your videos in search are your ctr and your audience retention because youtube's SEO algorithm is essentially a filing system that ranks every single video on youtube so whether your video is ranked number one in search or 290000 every single one of your videos is ranked in search on youtube.

it's really just a question of where is your video ranked in search and how likely are you to actually get seen and where in search your video is ranked is based on how close your video's metadata matches what the user has just searched up on youtube as well as whether or not your video draws interest and keeps people watching so beginning with keywords metadata and optimizing your videos to rank in search where tags and tagging your videos.

 used to be the number one most important part of optimizing your videos it now comes down to your title your description your transcript and then maybe like one or two percent of your video tags so let's say you're uploading an empty house tour your video's title description transcript and even your tags have to tell youtube's algorithm this post is about an empty house tour so that.

 when somebody goes onto youtube and searches up empty house tour the algorithm automatically associates what the person has just searched up with the metadata and keywords in your video so your title and description have to include the keywords that person has just searched up and actually youtube recommends your description box be over 200 words.

 to give the algorithm as much information as possible about what your video is about and what keywords are relevant to your video and if you go onto youtube and search up empty house tour every single video that is currently ranked in search is going to have empty house tour in their title and description so when you are uploading any video on any topic to youtube if you want to have any chance to rank yours.

video in search for those keywords you have to include them in your title and your description then our second step to ranking in the search is your video's performance see this time last year YouTubers were totally cheating the system by putting absolutely random tags in their tag box and description that had absolutely nothing to do with their content.

 to try to rank and search for more keywords which youtube really didn't like and totally started to crack down on in 2021 to make sure that every single user on youtube got exactly the type of content they were searching for youtube's algorithm now hones in on video performance-based mostly on your ctr better known as click-through rate and your audience retention meaning that.

if somebody has their video ranked in search and has over a million views but your video has less than a thousand views even if they have way more views than you if you have a better CTR and audience retention your video can rank way ahead of every single one of those videos now there has never been a single number disclosed by youtube as to what is a good ctr a good retention bad retention however I can definitely tell you that none of our videos have ranked in search or performed really really well on youtube.

 unless it had a ctr above five to ten percent and audience retention higher than forty percent on any one of our videos with a ctr of three percent or retention of thirty percent every single one of those videos went absolutely nowhere so when it comes to my videos.

I always aim for a ctr above 10 and retention above 50 which then brings us to the very very utmost importance of keyword research now as I've already stated in this video your subscriber count and view count has absolutely nothing to do with your search ranking that being said the more videos there are ranked under the search term you.

want to rank for the more competition you have and the more videos you have to outperform so if you're trying to rank your video in search for empty house tour for example and there are over like two million other videos in search it's gonna be a lot harder to rank number one whereas if there's like ten thousand even a hundred thousand videos in search.

it is then a lot easier to rank higher in search because you have less competition and then on the other side of the spectrum where search volume is concerned if you're trying really really hard to rank in search for a search term that nobody's looking for that is not really likely to get you any type of views which is why I 1000 recommend that every single person.

video invest in a keyword research tool like tube buddy which I will have linked down below in my description box but not only have I had massive results with tube buddy and see my own channel absolutely take off from search rankings but I've had over 1300 of my subscribers also purchased tube buddy and seen ridiculous results so essentially how it works is once you have tube buddy linked to your youtube channel and on youtube.

you then go into their keyword explorer tool and search up literally any keyword you want to rank in search for then you want to change the setting to weighted instead of unweighted so that it is specific to your channel and tells you specifically how much chance you have to rank and search for that keyword.

it is then going to give you both the search volume and competition volume as well as an overall score so if your overall score is fair or poor or really not that good that's telling you no you have a not very good chance of ranking in search for this keyword whereas if you search up a different keyword and you have a very good or even excellent score that.

is telling you, yes you have a very very good chance of ranking in search for this keyword and it's a very good one to target and it also has two other boxes full of other like related keywords so that if the keyword you have just searched up is not a good match for you it gives you a bunch of other keywords to look into and potentially use.

literally no joke this is the tool that got our videos ranked in search that helped one of my videos positively blow up from search rankings last year and blow up my channel so most definitely I can 100. say unsponsored that without tube buddy my channel would not be where it is today.

 so that in a nutshell my friend is how the new SEO algorithm works on youtube when you are uploading yours.

video to youtube you want to take some time to do some keyword research and find a keyword that you have a very good chance of ranking and search for then you want to take the time to optimize your video to actually have a chance to rank in search and then get as high a video performance as possible to rank high above everybody else on.

 youtube so I really hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope it was helpful to you I know I crowned you guys with so much information so if you have any other questions feel free to comment down. below I answer every one of my comments. but I hope you guys all enjoyed hope you. have an amazing day loves you all too. moon and back and I'll see you in my

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