Wild Brawl Tencent Edition National Service 2022v32.155 Official Genuine

Brawl Stars Tencent's version of the national server is a highly anticipated shooting mobile game. This game has designed a variety of game modes, combined with the current popular game elements, and combines unique and characteristic game characters with a variety of games. The perfect combination of maps allows players to have the most varied gaming experience. Now that the national server is officially launched, you can log in with one click using your Tencent account!

New version advantage

new hero

Eve - Streaming Hero

Eve is an alien little flea and a member of Colonel Raff's trio!

A loving mother, she drives around in her spaceship, desperate to find a warm and comfortable place for her babies.

New Brawl Themed Season and Star League Season - Guild Wars Ecology Pavilion

new skin

Guild Wars Ecology Skins:

Firefly Rico (Level 1 Reward of Brawl Gold Coupon)

Eve the Thorn (level 70 reward of the Brawl Gold Coupon)

Wasp Abo (star league skin)

Team League Skin - Lion and Bull


Smash Bros. Challenge - (Emoji)

New map scene

Guild Wars Ecology Pavilion

game mode

point race

3 on 3 mode

Winning Condition: Within two minutes, you and your teammates must knock down 8 enemies first, or more enemies than your opponent.

minecart racing

3 on 3 mode

Get close to the minecart to escort the minecart forward, and get close to the enemy minecart to slow down the minecart's movement speed.

The first to escort the minecart to the finish line wins!

clan league

The number of tickets for the third event day of the Clan League will be adjusted to 6, and the points earned will be increased by 50%.

The combat power in the clan store has been adjusted to be available for unlimited purchases.

If the clan captain has been inactive for more than 14 days, the captain position will be automatically transferred to other clan members.

If a team member is kicked out or leaves the team on their own while the team league is in progress, they will receive corresponding rewards based on their contributions.

bug fix

Fixed an issue with the super skill effects of the Tiger Primo skin

Fixed the issue of being stuck when using a gadget with a grass field of vision

Brawl Stars Tencent version of the national server introduction

Brawl Stars is a good game to pass your leisure time, which can make you no longer bored on weekends or evenings

Brawl Stars is a card-competitive strategy mobile game developed by the team of Supercell, a well-known Finnish mobile game company, Clash Royale. It adopts the traditional 3V3 mode to start a duel. Judging from the announced works, Brawl Stars is a 3v3 multiplayer shooting game with four different modes.

After you start to try the Wild Brawl Tencent national server download, you will be deeply attracted by this game.

Wild Brawl Tencent version of the national service features

3V3 competition, more suitable for team battles on mobile devices!

There are various modes, single-player or team, competition & entertainment, nearly ten modes for you to enjoy!

Unique heroes, dozens of characters with their own styles, waiting to be collected and unlocked!

Massive maps, more than 50 maps are continuously updated, and the fierce battle is fresh and not boring!

How to draw heroes in a wild brawl with a high explosion rate

Heroes can be drawn, and special draws can be performed here. There are advanced hero draws and legendary hero draws. Players can specialize in drawing powerful heroes. Hero drawing requires multiple recruitments. There are special drawing methods here, and there are also various draw probabilities. You can specifically increase the probability and brush the advanced probabilities. It is easy to draw the best heroes.

Sweepstakes Tips:

1. Directly draw, here is the function of a single draw. Players can draw a single draw and can make card points and get stuck in the explosion point in the game. At this time, if ten consecutive draws are performed at this time, the probability of explosion will be high. a lot of.

2. In the Time drawing, there is a corresponding time explosion point, which is the refresh rate of the explosion rate in the game. If you draw it at this time, the probability of drawing the best items will be much higher. The special selection time is drawn, and here I choose 6 in the morning every day. At 12:00 or 12 o'clock in the evening.

3. The designated extraction method, you can click here, see that someone has been drawn to a legendary hero, see the explosion rate here, and you can extract it when it explodes, and the probability of drawing will be much higher.

Specially drawn, all major activities here can be unlocked, and various gameplays can also be unlocked, especially to increase the probability of the lottery, and you can draw useful heroes.

What to do with the foreign server after the national server of Brawl Stars goes online

Brawl Stars is a very fun mobile game developed by supercell. Multiple players fight each other on the map, which is very interesting, and many players want to enter the international server to compete with global players. Then I will introduce the wilderness to you. How to switch between the national server and the international server in the brawl.

crucial scid

Here, for players who have registered an account, it is best to enter other international or regional servers to register, because it is more convenient to transfer between the national server and the international server. Players in the country and players in the country can't bind the scid, so just wait to log in with QQ and WeChat. Or you can appeal to the customer service to see if you can bind yourself to scid (probably impossible).

Android and Apple players

For Android players, it is best to put your registration information on the external server for the first time, pay attention to binding the scid, and then enter the game and then bind WeChat and QQ. For Apple players, just download the game in the app store, play it, and then bind it to QQ and WeChat. In fact, the key to interoperability between the national server and the international server lies in, the character data created by Android and Apple can also be used. It is very convenient to communicate with each other, but in the country, the accounts of Android and Apple are not interoperable, so players must bind said.

So the above is the method and skills of the mutual transfer between the national server and the international server in the wild brawl that I brought to you today, and the key point is whether the players can bind the said. , act quickly, and finally wish everyone a happy game!

related news

As SC's latest mobile game, Brawl Stars also received various pushes at the beginning of its launch. At that time, "Battle Royale" launched the gameplay of "Battle of the Treasures", and borrowed two of Shirley and Abo. the role, and "Clash of Clans" also temporarily joined the boxing master Primo. The linkage of the three games can also show how much SC attaches importance to this "new baby", even if it takes all the players of the two games away.

As an old driver of "Wild Brawl", all the friends who make an appointment must first choose Shirley, whose ability is no worse than that of various krypton heroes. This is a pretty violent girl. She holds a spray gun and has a moderate range. The most important thing is her big move. Even if the output is as strong as a bull, one shot can do it. If it is long-distance, it will add a knockback effect.

In addition to eating chicken, the game mode is basically a 3V3 team battle. One of the restrictions is that you cannot choose the same hero in a team, but you can in a single row. This should be considered a bug, but the international server has not been repaired for 3 months, and there must be some reason. So try to solo queue in the early stage. Although the game focuses on teamwork, the team of 3 Shirleys is also quite powerful.

Today, there are already 18 heroes in Brawl Stars. For the national server players, they have missed a lot of exciting game content. I don’t know what kind of “special subsidy” the official will give to the national server players this time. . But having said that, some problems in the early stage of the game have also been solved, such as the position of the door frame in the brawl football, the launch of the new gameplay mecha attack, and so on.

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